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So the election is rigged…big surprise. The oligarchy does not give up their position of power easily. So where do we go from here? Read this short message below, and enjoy this inspirational video attached at the bottom for an excellent idea about where to go from here.

The Unknown Individual

The war for American independence was begun by an individual. He was asleep in his bed when someone pounded on his door and shouted out in the night: “the Redcoats are coming!”

But what can he do? He was only one man against the armed might if Britain. If he had been a king, a czar, or a potentate, he could have solved vast problems and done great things – he could have brought the powers of Europe together in harmony and made an everlasting peace and prosperity around the world.

But he was not a king, not a royal governor, not a rich man, not an important man. He was just one little man, unknown to anyone outside his neighborhood. So what could he do? Why should he take the initiative? Such things are cleared up – they always had. So why not let nature take its course? This was no time to be foolhardy. He must keep calm use his head, and consider practical aspects. And there was his family to think of. What would become of them?

Most men felt that way. They knew they could do nothing, and they had better sense than to try. That night in Lexington, many had stayed in their bed. But the unknown individual chooses between submission that looked like safety and rebellion that seemed utterly hopeless. Many respected citizens were against him, the teachers and the writers of books were against him. Men in high places – many widely known men – stood stanchly with the king.

But the unknown individual had the courage of his convictions. He got up, put on his clothes, took his gun, and went out to meet the British troops. Not acting under orders, not being led nor wanting to be the leader, he stood in his feet – and fired the shot heard ’round the world. The sound of that shot said that man is a free agent; that government is the servant rather than the master.

From The Mainspring Of Human Progress by Henry Grady Weaver

Watch “Where do we go from here berners? Best idea so far” on YouTube

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