They say that Trump has a copy of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside. I wonder if he may be planning to turn the CIA into the Geheime Staaspolizei, The FBI & Police into the Schutzstaffel; the military and his supporters into the SA – Sturmabteilung. If you don’t know the meanings of these words, then please google them and read the descriptions which you will find, I am sure, scary to say the least.

At Syracuse University, I studied German History 1845-1945 for a year. I read all the books and all the speeches and videos. I was mainly interested in the finances of Germany, as that was my Major.

I was born 4 months before and a couple of miles from where Trump was born in NYC. I admired him, as I grew up, and read his books. He was kind of an idol to me and a lot of my neighborhood friends.

Things changed when I listened to his Primary, and now, nomination speeches. I came to see the parallel between him and the Germany that I studied at SU. It scared me to see Trump making the same style speeches and attitudes that brought Hitler & Mussolini to power. I came to fear and hate him; and watched him fall hard from the pedestal that I once put him on. I will do whatever I can to see that he doesn’t become a Dictator, for the sake of my kids and my grandkids and yours.

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