People need to understand that Trump has always been the head of his corporations, all his life. No corporation is a democracy; corporations are all dictatorships, and that is all he knows. I believe that this will become his style of governing because that is all he knows. He doesn’t know anything about a democratic government or how it is supposed to work. The best we can hope for is a demagogue style of government, which of course sucks. But, I believe his ambition, like Hitler’s, is in the direction of dictatorship. His tax plan will bankrupt the nation; his health plan will have people begging his government for relief. The poor, disabled, weak and seniors will be told to hurry up and die or just get the hell out of his way!  

   The big corporations, Military corporations, and Pharmacy Corporations will become even more powerful, as time goes by under President Trump. The corporations will support a dictatorship, because it is in their best interest and they are used to a solo leadership style of organization. I have said throughout this election period; when it comes to Trump and Pence, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

   Now with Trump’s disheartening rise to power, the KKK, White Supremacists, the American Nazis, Fanatic Religions and his deplorables will become his storm troopers, the FBI his Gestapo and the police his SS Squads. Trump will keep us safe from ISIS but not from our own government. He will export & deport millions of good people while, cutting off imports of refugees from his never-ending wars.

   His final act as President with be at due to the compulsion of his insatiable ego; and his lack of ability to listen to his much more intelligent counsel. He will want to go down in history as the Greatest Warrior the world has ever known; but sadly, there will be no one left to write it.

            I awoke from my nightmare and was happy to find that there was still time to stop Trump from destroying freedom, democracy, civilization and humanity!

Just my opinion

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