I hate to say so, but I told you so, a long time ago when this Trump started to run for office. I understand business men, as I have been one for most of my life. Trump is a Fascist with ambitions of dictatorship. If you think about it, high-level businessmen and women are dictators; most corporations are dictatorships. I have never owned, or have seen, a truly democratic business. Trump has grown up in this world having complete control over his life and businesses; it is what his father taught him, and it is all he knows. Old habits die hard. He is an ego maniac on the way to total control of the world’s Largest Corporation. His choices for his staff and cabinet seem somewhat unexplainable and an amateur’s mistake; due to their, lack of government experience and obvious expertise for other business areas that have, on the surface, nothing to do with their assigned departments. Don’t bet on it; he picked these people very carefully for his purposes, that they may, or may not, even be known by themselves. They and all of us will see his plan coming together as the day’s pass. Like Hitler and Mussolini, he will believe that he is winning, until the very end, when our once great country will lie in ashes at our feet. Hopefully, he will not take the rest of the world down as well. I assure you that he is a war monger at heart; and must be stopped at all cost before it is too late for us, our kids and grand kids! Just my opinion!

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