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   I hate to say so, but I told you so, a long time ago when this Trump started to run for office. I understand business men, as I have been one for most of my life. Trump is a Fascist with ambitions of dictatorship. If you think about it, high-level businessmen and women are dictators; most corporations are dictatorships. I have never owned, or have seen, a truly democratic business. Trump has grown up in this world having complete control over his life and businesses; it is what his father taught him, and it is all he knows. Old habits die hard. He is an ego maniac on the way to total control of the world’s Largest Corporation. His choices for his staff and cabinet seem somewhat unexplainable and an amateur’s mistake; due to their, lack of government experience and obvious expertise for other business areas that have, on the surface, nothing to do with their assigned departments. Don’t bet on it; he picked these people very carefully for his purposes, that they may, or may not, even be known by themselves. They and all of us will see his plan coming together as the day’s pass. Like Hitler and Mussolini, he will believe that he is winning, until the very end, when our once great country will lie in ashes at our feet. Hopefully, he will not take the rest of the world down as well. I assure you that he is a war monger at heart; and must be stopped at all cost before it is too late for us, our kids and grand kids! Just my opinion!

   I was just sitting here watching a news program on TV, and the subject was brought up involving the nuclear codes being given to that egomaniac Trump the morning of his inauguration. Throughout the primary, and the election campaign, I knew that Trump winning was a possibility that never really sank into my head & heart. Now the time, that should never be, is here and real; I, with the rest of the world, will wake up tomorrow morning to Trump being President.
    This is scary on many levels, but him being given the nuclear codes is insanely frightening! Early in the morning, he will be given what they call the biscuit; this is simply, as I understand it, a card with the launch codes, that he must carry with him always. He will be instructed as to its’ meaning and use upon receiving the biscuit.
Much like his very few intelligence briefings I can imagine this, extremely important, information will go in one ear and pass through his little brain nonstop and go out the other ear. Having a thin-skinned, short tempered, ego maniac, unstable person; such as we have witnessed over the last several months having the life or death of the entire world in his hands is truly beyond the minds ability to rationalize it.
    I think that I will live for today and hope for tomorrow and appreciate my family and friends more than ever —— Just in case!

A Weak Dictator*?

    While Nazi propaganda gave the impression that Hitler, (Trump), was a far-seeing man of genius, brilliantly steering the German, (American) ship of state towards National Socialist goals, he was not as exceptional as most Germans were led to believe. In many respects, he was a weak dictator (Sound like anyone we know). His preference for his home in Bavaria instead of Berlin and his aversion to systematic work in general and paperwork meant that decision-making in Germany was often a chaotic process. Trump says that he will spend time going between Washington and Trump Towers in NYC. Most of his involvement in government took the form of face-to-face encounters with subordinates: a decision was often simply a casual remark which then became an ‘Order of the Führer.’ This is very much like the cluster fuck that is going on with the Cabinet and 4000 other important positions which are going unattended to. It was impossible for one man to keep abreast of, let alone control, everything that was going on in Germany (and later most of Europe). Everyday decisions had to be taken on a huge range of issues. Hitler could not know about, even less decide upon, more than a tiny fraction of these matters. Trump keeps most of his agenda to himself, only giving out information, such as Cabinet appointments, yet he seems, so far, to keep up with his daily duties. Accordingly, it was not always clear exactly what his will was on any given matter. The problems do not end there. When there were – as often happened – competing views, Hitler (Trump) found it difficult to make up his mind. The fact that he often did not get involved in matters or took refuge behind open-ended generalities sometimes had a damaging effect on the smooth running of government. Sounds very much like Trumps flip flopping on almost every program that he introduced during the campaign. I don’t think It will take long for his supporters to feel a deep sense of regret over what they have done to America and the World!

    Historians suggest that Nazi Germany bore more resemblance to a feudal than a modern twentieth-century state, with great Nazi magnates engaged in a ruthless power struggle to capture the king’s (Hitler’s) (Trump’s) attention; who in turn maintained his authority by playing off one great lord against another. It seems that Trump is doing the same thing between his cabinet appointments and his short list of those positions. Just like he is doing with Steve Bannon and Reince Preibus who have been put on the same level in their positions to serve Trump. This arrangement cannot prove to be anything but a contentious situation.  Hitler, (Trump), can be seen as an opportunist, responding to events rather than taking the initiative.

    Researchers have cast doubt on the extent to which the Nazi system was a product of conscious intention on Hitler’s, (Trump’s) part. They have even suggested that the anarchic system controlled Hitler, (Trump) rather than him controlling the system. In this ‘functionalist’ view, many of the Nazi regime’s measures, rather than being the result of long-term planning, were simply knee-jerk responses to the pressure of circumstance. Educators, sees an improvised ‘process of cumulative radicalization, as subordinate organizations, vying with each other to maintain, or acquire responsibilities. They adopted the most radical of the available alternatives on the assumption that this reflected Hitler’s (Trump’s) will.

*Everything written in blue Italics is purely my opinion, acquired from several news sources and internet research; take it for what it is while thinking about what is happening in Washington since the Trump election. I don’t believe that I am prese14568078_10211187765876299_4859923787874230041_nnting a worst-case scenario!




Donald Trump’s tax plan aims to provide tax cuts for all income levels, but it’s no secret that the top will benefit the most – and it’s not even close.

Trump wants to get rid of the current seven federal tax brackets and replace them with three brackets of 12 percent, 25 percent, and 33 percent.

So, everyone benefits from lower taxes right? Not exactly.

Tax experts crunched the numbers and estimated that a taxpayer who made $48,000-$83,000 a year would only save about $1,000 under Trump’s proposed plan, while people making $3.7 million or more would receive $1 million in annual tax savings.

Looked at another way – more than half of his proposed tax cuts will go to those in the top 1 percent, according to Forbes – those making $700,000 or more.

This goes against his campaign rhetoric and populist message where Trump stated during the debates that he was cutting taxes “in a big way” for the middle class. Yes – he is cutting them – but it’s just a fraction of what the richest Americans will get.

His tax plan also aims to get rid of tax deductions parents currently claim for children, as well as the “head of household” filing status that single parents typically enjoy.

These are some of the largest tax cut proposals since Ronald Reagan.

This sounds nice and all but there is one major thing missing. So far Trump hasn’t mentioned what spending cuts he will make to offset the additional $7 trillion in lost revenue that the government will no longer take in. That’s a problem. But – it’s also no secret where the cuts will come and who will be hurt the most.

Given that Trump’s plan is very much like a similar plan proposed by House Republicans, it’s fair to say that social spending programs (ones that primarily benefit the poor and less well off) will be first on the chopping block.

Earlier this year, Republican leaders laid out a plan to cut more than $23 billion in food stamps, as part of a $170 billion spending package cut aimed at getting rid of social spending. That still doesn’t account for all the tax cuts Trump is proposing. There’s a huge gap that has yet to be accounted for.

Trump says he will balance the budget but he nor Republicans have yet laid out a plan on how they intend to do so.

Op-ed: We’ve been here before, and the result was devastating

By Daniel McCool

First Published Oct 28 2016 05:00PM    •    Last Updated Oct 28 2016 07:11 pm

Nearly 100 years ago, in another country, a leader rose to prominence by promising to make his country great again. That country was facing unprecedented challenges, and this leader assured them that their problems could be blamed on certain groups of people. If these evil forces could be neutralized, then the solutions to their problems would be relatively easy.

First and foremost, this leader blamed his country’s problems on an ethnic minority, which he described as “bloodsucking” with the “stink of a foreign being.” He declared that this “alien people” was a “perpetual leech,” a “parasite fattening himself on the body of other[s]” and the “corrupter of our people.” The solution was to put these aliens behind walls so that they could no longer “undermine the pillars of the economy which the people need the most.”

The leader also held great scorn for liberals and leftists — “a disease masquerading as social virtue.” Theirs was a “doctrine of destruction” that would inevitably lead to “the ever-approaching inner and outer collapse.” If left unchecked, the left would inevitably drive the country into “the blood swamp of Bolshevism.” The left-wing establishment, he said, pursued a foreign policy characterized by “aimlessness and ineptitude” and was “cowardly, weak-willed, submissive, or more accurately traitorous.”

He characterized establishment politicians as “the rats infecting our political system” and “parliamentary snake-oil salesmen” and said those who ran “big government” had dragged the nation “into a black pit” due to their “general moral corruption.” He complained that “our whole political life is so overrun with the inferior figures of today” that the federal government had become a “monstrous human machine.”

He considered the media an “evil power” and a “liar’s society” dominated by “privileged-class chatterboxes.” He wrote a memoir to “assist in crushing falsehoods about me created by the… press.” He also despised intellectuals, who were guilty of “pitiful spinelessness” and would “like the greatest idiot if he is covered in enough diplomas.”

He accused the media and the intellectuals of supporting what we might call today political correctness: “The fear of showing unfair preference for a side has become our age’s symptom of its own weakness. Everyone wants to give equality to both sides without making a decision, without commitment…. This spirit of compromise and placation attracts small and feeble souls who could never champion any crusade. According to this leader, leftists in the national government had weakened the country’s military strength via the “employment of crippling policies that stripped away the organization and training needed to defend” the country. His immediate goal was a dramatic increase in military spending because “Force can only be broken by force, and terrorism can only be broken by terrorism,” noting that “victory is always won by the man who attacks,” and “the world will not be possessed by those who are weak-willed.” As for the perceived enemies of his country, he said “we need to use the most brutal weapons against” them. This would allow his country to again “gain her deserved place on this earth.”

This leader was a strong advocate for being armed. “How are we to produce the spirit that enables our people to bear arms? When a strong will rules the spirit of the people, they will find a thousand ways, each of which ends with a weapon.”

This rising leader charged that these undesirable elements had pushed the common citizen into “disgust, anger, resentment” that was sometimes “expressed as violent wrath,” and he warned darkly: “There is no doubt that this world is moving toward a great disturbance.”

The political establishment was surprised that this leader gained so many followers; they initially considered him a clownish megalomaniac with a bad haircut and a virulent brand of racism. But the leader promised that, if the people followed him, he would “resurrect” his country “with even greater might and magnificence.” And thus: “We will build the steps that our people will one day be able to again climb to the Temple of Freedom.”

But that is not what happened; instead, 60 million people died in the most murderous war the world has ever known, and his country was left in ruin.

(All quotes are from: “Mein Kampf,” by Adolph Hitler, the new Ford Translation, 2009).

Daniel McCool is a professor of political science at the University of Utah


Well, Donald Trump has been the President-elect for about day and a half now and things are already looking pretty grim as far as the prospects of him appointing anybody that has a brain to serve in his administration. Case in point, Donald Trump has already picked Myron Ebell from the Competitive Enterprise Institute to head up the EPA transition team and most likely, he will end up being the actual head of the Environmental Protection Agency. For those of you who do not know, Myron Ebell is a very proud climate change denier. He is able to look at these reports of scientists, look at the scientific consensus, and say, “Nope.” That’s the kind of guy that Myron Ebell is, just really a brain dead Republican and fossil fuel industry zombie and he’s going to be in charge of the environment more than likely.

On top of that, Sarah Palin is being considered for a cabinet position. That news just came out this morning but if you remember back during the campaign, Donald Trump while speaking with Sarah Palin absolutely promised her a spot in the administration. Let’s remember that Sarah Palin, in addition to being a failed reality TV host, couldn’t get enough viewers to keep that show alive, she also never finished her term as a Alaska governor because she just couldn’t take it. Whether or not she would even be a lasting member of a Trump cabinet remains to be seen. So far, the woman seems to quit everything she ever does but just her in general, very scary. Again, somebody who has an IQ below room temperature probably shouldn’t be calling the shots for any policy in the United States.

Let’s go further down the list. Rudy Giuliani is absolutely going to be rewarded with some kind of position, possibly Attorney General. It just gets scarier from there. Chris Christie, if he’s not already in prison by then which I’m sure Donald Trump will most likely pardon him, probably coming into the administration. I could see Chris Christie probably serving as maybe Head of the Food and Drug Administration. I think it makes a little sense for him there but the bottom line is that we’re going to return to the Bush years. Admittedly, the Obama years were not much better because the industry insiders were still in Washington DC, Obama put them there, but at least they had somewhat of a brain.

This Donald Trump administration is going to be, and I meant this quite literally, one of the dumbest administrations we have ever had. Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani, Myron Ebell, Trump himself. Not smart human beings and that is terrifying because they will make policy, make decisions that affect our lives every single day and especially with regards to climate change. Let me put it to you this way. South Florida, Miami right now is flooding and no, there hasn’t been any rain but there’s still flooding because that’s just the way that the tides are going now. When the high tides hit, they’re coming up into the streets. They’re calling this a king tide and just a weather anomaly but this is the new normal and it’s going to be the new normal for all coastal cities under a Donald Trump administration that doesn’t even think climate change exists. That’s the America that we’re looking at here. Dumber, wetter, and just all around much, much worse than we have been for the last eight years.

  People need to understand that Trump has always been the head of his corporations, all his life. No corporation is a democracy; corporations are all dictatorships, and that is all he knows. I believe that this will become his style of governing because that is all he knows. He doesn’t know anything about a democratic government or how it is supposed to work. The best we can hope for is a demagogue style of government, which of course sucks. But, I believe his ambition, like Hitler’s, is in the direction of dictatorship. His tax plan will bankrupt the nation; his health plan will have people begging his government for relief. The poor, disabled, weak and seniors will be told to hurry up and die or just get the hell out of his way!  

   The big corporations, Military corporations, and Pharmacy Corporations will become even more powerful, as time goes by under President Trump. The corporations will support a dictatorship, because it is in their best interest and they are used to a solo leadership style of organization. I have said throughout this election period; when it comes to Trump and Pence, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

   Now with Trump’s disheartening rise to power, the KKK, White Supremacists, the American Nazis, Fanatic Religions and his deplorables will become his storm troopers, the FBI his Gestapo and the police his SS Squads. Trump will keep us safe from ISIS but not from our own government. He will export & deport millions of good people while, cutting off imports of refugees from his never-ending wars.

   His final act as President with be at due to the compulsion of his insatiable ego; and his lack of ability to listen to his much more intelligent counsel. He will want to go down in history as the Greatest Warrior the world has ever known; but sadly, there will be no one left to write it.

            I awoke from my nightmare and was happy to find that there was still time to stop Trump from destroying freedom, democracy, civilization and humanity!

Just my opinion

Published on Apr 22, 2016

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